Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We're Not in Kansas Anymore Toto- LIE 2011 Masquerade

Every year, we go all out to plan, manage and consult the Long Island Elite's Masquerade Ball, which benefits local charities in Long Island. And every year, we outdo ourselves.
Last year's masquerade was "Wonderland", a fabulous choice to create the fun atmosphere that the masquerade is known for. This year, the theme was Oz, and we wowed our guests, many of whom told us last year's would probably always take the cake for the best masquerade of all time. Now, they're saying the same thing about Oz.

The Long Island Elite (LIE) is an organization dedicated to promoting the growth and development of Long Island's young business executives. The LIE is at once a professional and community oriented group of people, many of whom juggle families while being hard hitters in the LI business scene. Their masquerade has a few purposes, the two that are the most important are raising money for charity and honoring those within the community who choose to a leadership role by giving of themselves in business and charity. It's a very touching night which deserves our best in event planning, and we always deliver.  

Our inspiration for the main dining room was The Emerald City. From the flowers to the sparkly bead curtains hung from the ceiling, everything was either a shade of green or reflecting all the green around it. Everything in this room sparkled and shone incredibly bright, and of course our lighting had to be on point.

Our Munchkinland was a candy-coated flowery-burst of color and fun. Of course, Peanutbutter Inc. was there to airbrush guests with glittery, beautiful designs.      

  The bar and raffle area was teaming with poppies, as was the outside great lawn...

The Lounge was inspired by the Wizard's message of Love and the Lion's journey to find his heart.


Chezzam did a great job with creating true to life characters that brought life and fun to the event.                        

And of course, where would we be without Just a Sliver? Her cakes are always scrumptious and works of art!

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