Friday, September 16, 2011


The first project the workshop ladies tackled was to learn how I
use stain over my signature white paint.

and then how to finish the wood top with the same stain.

The table was finished in a typical medium wood color with a glossy finish.

I started with showing them how to degloss the wood legs and apron to accept
primer and eventually paint.

The questions flowed easily for everyone especially Danielle.
Her good friend Nikki was so eager to get supplies at the end of the day
she was ready to drive off and leave Danielle behind.

We went over mixing and straining primer and paint thru for the sprayer.

Everyone got a chance to hold the spray gun and give it a try.

My experience running crews of 20 workers all the way down to a single
assistant is quite extensive however I've never come across a group that
meshed so quickly and used each other so supportively.

They got to feel how wax can help move the stain around once it starts to set.
Kelley got right in where I left off doing a fabulous job.

A few ladies even tried the belt sander when we first started to strip the table top.

We still had to get to a drawer repair, changing out hardware, including spray painting it
and using wood filler so we had to keep moving on so I would get to finish this coffee table later.

That evening I sanded the edge of the top and stained it.

I started applying the wipe on poly the next day.

Sanding with 400 grit between many many coats.

This is how it look when you sand with 400 grit.
A very white chalky dust.

Once I got the thickness I wanted one last sanding before waxing.
The final coat of wax adds a soft warm feel to the finish.

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