Monday, September 19, 2011

TRIAL AND ERROR - deco vanity and stool

The final post regarding the projects 6 lovely ladies and I did during
a workshop we had was on this fun Deco Vanity.

While buying another item at a yard sale George and I were approached by a neighbor
asking if we would be interested in a dresser he had.

So off George went to investigate while I finished loading the van.
Needless to say his vanity come home with us.

I showed the ladies how I apply appliques with finishing nails and glue and
I repaired one of the drawers with more glue and a couple of clamps.

We discussed different repairs that could be done to damaged veneer,
as we did have some lifting in areas of this vanity.
I showed them how I fill hardware holes to make way for new handles.
Tutorial can be found here

Everyone got to try the Rustoleum trigger spray can when
we painted the new hardware in oil rubbed bronze.

They all got a little tip how I position new hardware without a measuring tape.

5 of the ladies brush paint the vanity while Sonja painted the mirror frame.
I couldn't believe time flew so fast it was now 3 o'clock and the class was over.
We chatted a little and went over a few more questions before everyone left.

I started working on the vanity later that evening and over the next week got it finished.
I know the ladies are eager to see the finished results and I have been very excited to show them as well.

I titled this post TRIAL AND ERROR because many of the initial things we started with
changed over the course of the week.

The hardware changed again to complement all the curves ...


The interior got stripped and stained dark brown ...

The cabinet was heavily distressed to show the details in the veneer and the black trim ...

And that brings us here ...

I just adore this piece and after all the waxing and poly the finish is so smooth and soft,
but I felt it was still missing something.


I had this little round side table hanging around waiting for a new purpose.

After painting and distressing,
I bought some great fabric, some foam, and started upholstering.
I may even still add some button tufting.

I trimmed her legs by 6 inches and added new nylon feet

Now she's perfectly chic!

I've heard from most of the ladies thru the week.
All have been buying supplies and starting projects at home.
Now we just need them to send pictures on how their projects are going.

The other projects we worked and can be found here:

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