Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Disqussion over

After installing Disqus eleven days ago, I really enjoyed it. Especially the way it let me react directly under others' comments, the little gray monkey it let me use as a default picture for those commenters without their own picture, and having a "recent comments" in my sidebar.

Unfortunately, all this was too good to be true. I spent this whole morning fighting with the program, trying to get it to load and when it finally did load it was only temporarily and partially. I couldn't comment, I couldn't see other people's comments and I wasn't finding any quick fix forum with solutions.

Add to that, Disqus's inability to immigrate the comments into my Blogger, making me afraid that if I ever wanted to change to another program I would lose my beloved comments. I thought it would be better just to stop using it altogether, right now, when the damage would still be limited.

I uninstalled Disqus and was once again able to leave comments! Yay. Maybe they don't look as fancy as they did with Disqus, but at least they're there! And I was happy to find all the comments left when Disqus was still up were hiding in my Blogger SPAM comment folder! I've unspammed them all and all is good again in comment-land.

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