Thursday, February 17, 2011

I wish this was my studio...

We live in a small apartment now, granted it's twice as big as my old apartment in Japan, but still small enough to not have a seperate bedroom. So our living room doubles as our bedroom and my craft room... well doesn't exist :(. Someday, I'll have a craft room! But for now I can only dream about an amazing studios like posted below.
[Home Designing]
I love this studio (or maybe office is a better name) because it's so organized yet still colorful and playful. The wooden walls are gorgeous and the big calendar behind the computer is something I could really use. And I would add a huge table in the middle of the room, to spread all my sewing projects on.
Here I'm just in love with all the supplies. Pots filled with beads stacked so neatly on the shelves, the pens and the colorful ribbons hanging above the desk.
[Home Designing]
This studio has a kind of a Christmassy vibe, but what's wrong with that?! I love Christmas. I also love the high table with built-in shelves and the other storage units. I wonder how comfortable those high chairs are though.
[Terry Tyson]
This may not be such a pretty studio, but I still love it. It looks like a very productive studio where lots of things are created.
[All Sorts]
This studio must be so inspiring to work in. I love the details, the color of the walls and that cute fabric supply. My future studio is going to need at least three tables as well. That's going to be so useful.
[Elsie Flannigan]
What a great idea to paint your walls with black board paint. That way you can keep drawing and writing your ideas on the wall. I also love the way she keeps her threads on a rack.

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