Friday, February 25, 2011


I'd like to offer my tips page to you!

Earlier this week a friend sent an email
giving me her distressing tip,
and it has me thinking I would like to gather
all the learned knowledge of you wonderful
woman in one place.
 I would love anyone that works with furniture and
 has a valuable tip that wants to contribute, plz
 send a simple email with photo and brief
description. Including tips,

Such as the helpful benefits of wearing rubber boots
when staining the floor with clamato juice.
Or the need for an extra body holding a support in place. 

This can also includes tips for cleaning,
distressing and antiquing, sanding,
helpful products and favorite tools,
any *simple* thing you find helpful when you
are working and want to share with others.

I've even considered telling you I wear the same
color socks as my paint color of the day so when
it drips on the floor I can quickly wipe it up with
 my foot. (Secrets Out Now)
Plz check out my tips page to see the current layout,
and see if it is something you would like to
contribute to:
Each submission I add to my tips page will have a
 #, a title, 1-2 photos, a brief write up, a contents
 listing, and a valuable link back to your place
with your smile.

If interested in sharing plz email me directly at

Hopefully we can all benefit from this information
being shared in one place.

Who's gonna be next?
Share your thoughts and ideas!

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