Saturday, February 26, 2011

HERE'S THE RECIPE - french cabinet

You need a bucket of that,

 A whole lot of pieces of this,

 One of these,

 Two of these,

 A few of these,

 And you can have this!

This dental molding is trim stolen from a dresser.

Old wooden drawers are a great source
for building materials.

The side panels and top are from the
 huge midcentury desk shown earlier.

The top edge profile is a drawer front.
The same drawer shown above.

All the shelves are made from drawer
fronts or backs.

I've mounted a touch light system in the top
with 3 brightness's

I have dressed it for use in the kitchen
or dining room. However it could be used
in many areas of your home.
Where would you like it to go in your home?

Another great cabinet I pieced together can be found here

I'm sharing this build at:
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