Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FRIGHTENING TO FRENCH - french book shelf

Another creation of mine

started with this inspiration piece: 

Don't you just love when your teenager gets
 creative with markers. After all they are just trying
to express themselves.
I used this cedar dresser for lumber
supplies for what was coming.

I also stripped this little maple side table.

The grey is a primer coat.
I built this upper portion with the dresser parts
and fastened it to the table.

I used the sides of the dresser for
the sides of the shelf. 4 inches were cut off the
length and 2 inches off the depth.

The crown detail is a decorative
wall shelf from Homesense.

The drawer bottoms were used
for the back of the shelving unit.
As well as an old mirror frame provided the
vertical trim up the front edges.

The shelf edges are chair rail from RONA.

The shelves themselves are built from the
dresser's drawer backs and stringers.

The stepped block detail shown at the bottom of the
 trimmed edges was difficult to cut as it is 50yr old
 walnut and tough as nails.
It is edging trim originally from a stereo cabinet
dismantled for parts.

That is my daughter in the background.
She is now 20 and just as beautiful.

Plz take a minute to pop into

 >>>>> Freddy & Petunia <<<<<

to visit with Catherine the creater of the
inspiration piece. She creates
a line of heirloom-quality cabinets for little girls and boys.

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