Thursday, February 24, 2011

I wish this was my outside dinner party...

So we want to have some friends over for dinner, but we don't have enough space... Besides half of them are smokers, so I've been fantasizing about having an outside to our home large enough to host a nice dinner party.
[That Kind of Woman]
Dinner in the woods. It sure looks like this was a fun party, but who's going to clean up? And forests scare me a little, too dark at night and too many insects all day.
[Jordan Ferney]
Okay, then how about dinner on the beach? Well, we don't live near enough to the Golden Gate Bridge to carry our dining table to it, but what a great idea! We may just have to have a picnic there someday. 
I would really, really, really love to have a simple deck like this. It may be a lot less fancy than that dinner on the beach, but we're not fancy people, so that's perfect!
[You Are My Fave]
This looks like it could be right here in the city as well. I love the table, the mismatched chairs and the bunting, even though we have no Charles to invite.
Or dinner in the countryside! Beautiful. But hanging those cages in the tree may be tricky.
[Sweet Paul]
Dinner on a deck, sure. How about dinner on a dock? Seems terrific!
[Creative Inspiration]
A nice simple dinner in the garden, lovely. But not so simple if you don't have a garden.
[A Mad Tea Party with Alis]
This garden dinner requires a bit more work to prepare, with the log stools and the branches of lights, but I would love to throw this dinner party.
Oh yes, this is it! This is my favorite! Not too fancy, not too ordinary, with a fireplace, lots of extra seating, lovely lighting, and if it starts to rain the party does not have to stop. Perfect. I want to have our party here... Maybe someday.
[Anna Linder]
For now, we may just have to go to some random field and build ourselves a tent like this. But this may be too girly for our male friends to be comfortable with.
[Pink Wallpaper]
Or we could just go and live even smaller, like in this trailer, and park it somewhere with more than enough space to have a dinner party or any kind of party, for that matter.

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