Saturday, October 15, 2011


It all started one dark and dreary night a few weeks back.
Okay it wasn't dreary I just liked how that sounded.

This big buffet came up for auction and someone got it.
I wasn't bidding on it and can't remember the price it went for. 

Come to find out a friend of ours had tried to bid on it but couldn't go as high as the winning bid.

I was disappointed for her but several days later when we picked up our
auction purchases, the big buffet was unclaimed.

I let Leigh know right away and she managed to get the buffet the following week
for a much better price.

 Now somewhere in all this, the big buffet came to me to spray.
All I was going to do was spend a few hours in the warm sun giving the big beast
a few coats of old white chalk paint. Leigh would do the rest of the work.
Sounds simple huh?


Out of more then a dozen ASCP pieces I have done in the last 2 months


 I have never encountered anything like this or even heard of this happening.
I also just read about a lady painting her fridge in ASCP cream color and it turning out great.

SO what on earth happened here?
The paint started to flake as it dried.
In one small spot and spread like a diseased wildabeast on the Savanah.
Paint was falling to the ground on it's own.

first try

I did some testing on the lower cabinet but nothing seemed to work,
and I didn't have time to play around.
I advise many ppl on the adhesion of the products they use,
but I was at a loss myself this time.

second try

No more fooling around ... I sanded the entire upper cabinet with 80 grit,

It worked!!

Happy Dance

So I hand sanded the lower cabinet too.

It's like a lottery I suppose, every now and then you will come across
a piece of furniture that has a mysterious product on it that just wont allow chalk paint to adhere.

I don't often play the lottery!

Note: nothing was harmed in the making of this project although I did want to throw things. 

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