Friday, October 21, 2011

Is Your Halloween Costume Naughty or Nice?

Marie Antionette Savanah Shoes with Ruffles and Dupioni Silk Rolled Roses
Marie Antoinette Shoes
We all have both aspects to our personality...whether or not you keep your naughty side to yourself is a totally different thing! At DJS, we believe there is both a time for class AND a time for sass. So, in this blog post, we're going to give you the "naughty" and "nice" versions of our favorite costumes, complete with accessory ideas! We've given you the link to every item so you can go buy it if you're so inclined...
We hope you find this blog helpful, especially if you haven't gotten your costume yet. Halloween is steadily approaching, so get on it! Perhaps you'll like the versions of these costumes so much you'll buy for the concert, date or party...and one for the "after-party." You know what we're talking about! 

Sail Me Away!!! 
    Are you going to sail the seven seas as a sex kitten or a first mate? You decide! Here are some cool options, this first one is vintage!

Vintage Sailor Dress VIntage Nautical Dress Blue and White Polka Dot Square Dance Dress with Amazingly Full Ruffle Skirt and Matching Shorts

Bangle Bracelet Set Sailor Ahoy - Gold, Blue, White
Sailor Fascinator pin up retro

Naughty Sailor...this is the one time a year when you definitely want to go overboard!

Sexy Sailor Outfits for Women
Knee Highs Sailor Stockings for Women

Get some extra ruffle with this Petticoat.
Anchor Ring - Nautical Sailor - White Red Cameo

Who says you aren't royalty? We picked out the most luxurious Nice costume...and the most sinful Naughty one. Both ensure you get to have your cake and eat it too! This look goes especially with masquerade parties...
Dusty Rose and Champagne Marie Antoinette Gown Custom
Antique Finished Filigree Wedding Headband.  One of a Kind.  H0082.
Floral Locket, Antique Silver Locket Necklace, Pink Flower Charms, Vintage Style Necklace, Long 28 Inch Chain - SPRINGTIME
Sexy Marie! You know you'll be seducing all sorts of members of the court in this getup!
Sexy Marie Antoinette Costumes Playboy
Antoinette Costume

For underneath:
Sasha lingerie set 1- Reserved for Courtney

It's time to swim out of your comfort zone and join the other mermaids!
BIMINI ISLAND Ocean Shell Fantasy Victorian Vintage Style Cuff Bracelet

Maybe your a sexy siren...just waiting to whisk a pirate off his ship into a cove of love!
Sexy Mermaid Costumes for Women
Aqua Blue Quartz Faceted Nugget Sterling Starfish Necklace
Seashell hair pin completes the look
Pearlized Sea Shell Bridal Hair Comb With Swarovski Crystals And Freshwater Pearls

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