Sunday, October 30, 2011


Last year George and I did the ghost thing but a little more elaborate
than a simple sheet.
Ghosts from the Titanic
George gets to know a great deal of the customers he delivers to,
and the last couple have been spent together doing those deliveries all dressed up.
Last Halloween we stopped in to see Bunny and got a photo taken with her.

Miss Bunny unfortunately passed days after her 101st birthday Oct 16th 2011.

I have always made all my costumes thru the yrs.
2009 I wanted to be the characters on a lotto scratch card I bought

King and Queen of Hearts

When I give him a a full face of hair it takes at least an hour or more in the early morning
to get ever hair glued in place.

Here is George half way through getting his beard glued on


At the time I was a warehouse manager and this costume was fun and easy to work in
and it was mighty cute too!

Captain Morgan

George actually wore the pirate costume to deliver for the day
and changed into a leprechaun when we went out for the night.

The next three are costumes I made several years before
George and I met.

Energizer Bunny

I actually made 5 costumes like this,
Sylvester the cat, Wiley Coyote, Scooby Doo, and Tiger
All were sold except the the Bunny

Miner 49er


Here's a couple of pumpkins I carved for the front porch last year.

Many years ago I also used to be a professional pumpkin carver.

I also won a few community contests for this work

I will be resurrecting The Cat for this years festivities.

And George will be ....
we'll you'll just have to wait and see.

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