Friday, October 14, 2011

Hot Halloween in New York! Or not...

Where should you go for Halloween this year? If you're looking for the hottest parties and events, look no further. We've got you covered. Hate Halloween? Scroll down to see what you can instead during the end of October.

Masquerade Style: 

Capitale is your ticket to Halloween in haute couture style. The venue is as enormous and dramatic as the celebration! You'll part in a multi-level, multi room layout including two ballrooms and two VIP areas. Be prepared to be bedazzled...and don't be surprised if you see a celeb or two (not that anyone in NYC cares about that...we see them on the street everyday)...check it out here

Webster Hall
Webster Hell is the hottest dance party for Halloween-it's where everyone goes to party after the infamous NYC Halloween parade! Look out for heart-pounding dance music, four floors of mesmerizing entertainment including flying vampires overhead, sensual fire dancers, a $5,000 best costume award and "mind blowing spectacles." Don't miss it! 

Carnivale in Greenwich Village's Country Club is a highly anticipated event with all sorts of goodies. To describe the atmosphere, it's been said that Carnivale is "argyle prep meets edgy leather." Check it out here.

Village Underground
 Looking for a variety of music in one of the world's hottest venues? Check out the Village Underground, which will feature 4 rooms of music- hip hop, pop, classics, '80s and Prince's new favorite band: Rahj and the Mash. Decorations. The joint will be lavishly decorated in Halloween style, plus scary movies, candy, the works.
The NYC Halloween Parade. It's pretty much something everyone should see before they kick the bucket. That said, we'll just say: Get thee forth to the website. And check out this cool MJ reenactment photo from the event:

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Bring everyone you know! (except for maybe your young children) If you haven't already heard of it, you MUST go to the Great Halloween Blaze just about an hour away from the city. It's a site you'll never see repeated anywhere, probably ever. Go here to check it out

And Finally... for the Halloween Haters...

Not so much into at all? Maybe you'll be in your apartment with some not-so-scary movies with your honey or your bestie by your side that night. There's still some worthwhile parties near the end of October that will surely get you out before the chill sets in over NYC and everyone is scurrying around from indoor club to indoor club.
Mad 46 is having an end of season party with drink specials on October 21st- this rooftop lounge is a beautiful upscale place to get a drink and mingle. Their end of the season party should be pretty sweet. Click here to check it out.
Press Lounge is a swanky, sexy and elegant place in Hell's Kitchen to go have a cocktail or eat some farm to table cuisine. The 360 degree views of the city are stunning and you can bank on an airy, open vibe. A great place to book an end of season party of your own--not Halloween themed, of course. Check it out here. 

Actually...why don't you just go on vacation? Like, somewhere far away and beautiful.
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