Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stocking up in Japantown

Craft Shopping in Japantown
In Japan I did not use to worry much about felt, I knew if I needed more the little sewing store, across from the school I used to teach at, had quite a large variety of good felt. And if it wasn't emergency I could easily wait for a weekend trip to an excellent Osaka craft supplies store, of which my favorite was the insanely huge ABC Craft.

But here I find myself worrying about my felt stash a lot. It's not that I'm almost running out, it's that I still haven't found a good felt supplier. Of course, they do sell felt in American craft stores like Michaels, and sometimes even nicely embossed or printed felt, but it's always eco-fi felt and it's quality just does not measure up to Japanese felt. I like my felt to be soft, strong and not see-through.

So I conviced my hubbie to come to Japantown with me to check out the new and improved 100 yen store. Well, I'm happy to report that it was an excellent decision! Sure, Daiso Japan cannot to compare to ABC Craft, but it did sell more felt than Michaels, and it was all Japanese felt! Score!

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