Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to code a blog button

These past couple of days I've been having fun making new buttons for this blog (see right sidebar) and the eleventh monkey blog. Buttons are images that other people can share on their blog, usually in the sidebar, to link straight to blogs or websites they like and want their readers to know about.

Some logo buttons made with Inkscape:
Some old buttons that I still love:
My new Hipstamatic buttons:
And a bunch of monkeys serving as 'square' PNG buttons:
It has taken me a while to figure it all out perfectly and delete unneeded parts of code, but I ended up with an HTML code that really works well for me. It allows me to show a message to people who hover over 'grab a button' and most importantly to adjust sizes quickly without resizing and reuploading images. 

If anyone else wants to make a button but doesn't know how to code it yet, here you go:

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