Wednesday, March 2, 2011

STOP - drawer stop tutorial

I added some drawer stops to a vintage chest
I've been working on and thought I would share
my method.

 You can see 3 stops are missing.
2 on the middle support and 1 on the bottom left.

 This is what the originals look like.

Here you can see the out line of the missing one.
This is where you install the replacement.
If you can not see where yours use to be, measure
 the thickness of your drawer front and use that as
a guide and mark a line.


The first thing I reach for is a wooden
stir stick for paint.

The second is my handy dandy *ANVIL CUT*.
George loves finding nifty new tools for me to try.

An alternative is an olfa knife. Score both
 sides and break it.

Place your new stop on the line
where the old one was.

 Next just glue and clamp and it's done.
This method works
to replace missing metal stops also.

Do you have drawers that need new stops?
Do you find this tutorial helpful?
Do you have your own method?

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