Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Thank you for your emails and the complements.
I'm so very glad I have inspired you as so many
 inspire me on a daily bases.
My signature *white* is a custom color I have
 mixed at Cloverdale paint, a Canadian company.

  • It is a creamy white semi gloss latex.

  •  It can be used in white or off white decorating.

  • It gives the finished piece a sophisticated look.

The process for my signature white is quite
 detailed as I'm looking for a smooth, clear, long
 lasting finish. Rather then a distressed
or antiqued look.

 I do distress some of these pieces, however it
 is usually only lightly distressed and most steps
are still followed.

The real trick to the signature finish is the primer.
  1.  My primer is tinted a shade lighter then the paint.

  2. I use more coats of primer then paint. 

  3. Primer dries quickly.

  4. Primer will show imperfections still needing attention.

  5. It is easy to sand between coats.

Primer smooths the undersurface of the finish,
 similar to way we woman use foundation make-up.

Pictured here is a grey primer I usually use for darker colors.
I prime a minimum of 3 coats with a quality brush.
 I use a brand sold at HOME DEPOT called
 Performance Select SILVER. What determines
 when I have enough coats of primer is if the piece
 looks finished. The resulting 2 to 3 coats of paint I
 then add smooth the top surface and make it easier
 to wash or wipe later and of course
the final color and gloss.

 Latex paint takes 28 days to fully cure so you must
 be careful with your top surfaces once completed
 with adding accessories such as lamps and decor.
 One helpful trick is to add an
 additional clear coat. With painted white surfaces
 it can be a pain to get a brushed clear coat on with
 out little dust (black specks) getting onto the
 surface either from the air, the brush being used or
 just from you moving over the piece as you do it,
 but it can be done being aware of these issues.

 Another alternative is to stain the top surface with
 a rich dark walnut which ends up looking stunning
 against the creamy white and then a clear coat
 is much easier to still add.

Hope this helps with your current projects!
Plz leave your questions below and I'll be
happy to respond.

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