Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monthly Mosaic March

Time flies! Another month of this new year (is it still new? sure feels like it) is already over. I had many plans for my shop for this year, but I kind of feel like I've nothing so far due to my arm and wrist injury. So I reviewed this month by checking out my own blog entries and found out that even without almost no sewing, it was quite an eventful month on here. 
Even though I didn't blog and sew as much as I had intended, I did blog quite a few things (including two tagging games), I interviewed five lovely and crafty ladies (this was a long month with five Wednesdays), I searched the web for the most impressive cupcakes (still dying to try some with marshmallow frosting), and I even baked rainbow cupcakes! 

And I did sew a little these last two days and finished a butterfly! I also finished another big project, my first pdf pattern and tutorial and I want to make many more. And I did all this while taking the Indie Business course in the background, and getting to know and networking with all my awesome classmates!

So I guess it was a productive month after all! From now on I'll review every month like this, with a monthly mosaic, to remind myself I'm not just doing 'nothing'! On the contrary :).

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