Friday, March 4, 2011

Red Velvet's Spring Dress Line

I've admired Elsie Flannigan's work for years. She's an amazingly talented woman and she has done so many different things over the years, and all of them marvelously. When I first discovered her she was really into scrapbooking, since then she's published books, made uncountable cute handmade goodies, painted hundreds of pretty paintings, opened her second brick and mortar shop and now she's designed her first dress line. This woman is awe-inspiring and her dresses are stunning.

Another thing I really admire Elsie for is her time management. She gets so much done in such little time, I really wonder if this woman ever sleeps. She also made this video to promote her new dress line, and it's so amazing, cute and professional. Watching it makes me happy!

These girls make me jealous, wish I could look cute in dresses. Which one is your favorite? Mine's probably the Golden Afternoon dress (bottom middle).

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