Friday, April 1, 2011


There's this highschool girl with a tumblr account who makes the cutests drawings that I just love. She calls herself chibird and also drew that beautiful image for the people of Japan.
I was initially attracted to her work because her style of drawing reminded me of my own drawings. I picked up that style of drawing somewhere in Japan, when I was a teacher. I often rewarded students with a cartoon version of me cheering them on, drawn onto their homework, they loved it. But of course chibird's drawings are way more sophisticated!
Chibird also often covers topics in her comics that sound so true to me and make me giggle to realize that I'm not the only one who's weird like that.
I also love her more advanced drawings, you know people with hair and more defined clothing ;). Basically I love everything she posts and the lessons or ideals that come with her work.
Her tumblr is filled with awesome comics and animations, and I always get excited when Bloglovin' announces chibird has another update on her blog.

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