Thursday, April 7, 2011

Got me some buttons

My creatures eyes are made of buttons and I was starting to run out of buttons, so I checked Etsy. I like button mixes of vintage buttons, because new buttons are just too expensive, but all mixes for sale on Etsy have two-holed buttons in them and I have no use for them. So I contacted some button sellers about putting together a mix of about 500 four-holed buttons for me. I didn't expect to get much response, because I tried this a couple months before and no one answered, but this time almost everyone responded! And they were all so nice... So I bought buttons from all of them:
And these are just the buttons from American sellers, I still have buttons coming from seller in the UK! It's a good thing I love buttons and I love having a good selection to work with. Even though I love the buttons, the whole bunch smelled very strongly of dog, which is hard to take in a dog-free home and having a nose that works way too well (kind of like a dog's nose!), so I needed to wash them. But of course, most of these buttons have been used before, so washing them was in order anyway, but the doggy smell made me do it sooner rather than later. 
Washing (in a salad spinner, so the soap goes everywhere!), rinsing (in a colander), drying and sorting all the buttons by color took me about two days (in between regular life), but I love organizing and buttons so it was very enjoyable.
Now I've got them all sorted in the major color groups I'm going to sort them by kind and size and store them in plastic storage containers with dividers. Which should make button selection for future eyes a lot quicker!

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