Thursday, April 7, 2011

YOU ASKED MY OPINION II - angela's request

Hi, Kristy!
I follow your blog and love your design esthetic. You are amazing!!

How about a little free advice?
Attached is a picture of a headboard that I purchased to have painted,

a picture (closeup detail and nightstand) that shows
 my existing furniture that I’d like to have the
 headboard blend with,

and a picture of a “painted headboard” that is just an idea.

The new headboard has some details that I think are
 fabulous and “match” well with my existing
 furniture. I’m just not sure how to make everything
 fit together and look like they fit and still be

First I would start by lifting the headboard by
 adding legs or planning to mount it on the wall
 with a french cleat. We wouldn't want all that
 gorgeous detail hidden behind pillows.

Legs                               French cleat

Then I would fill in the bottom space with another piece
of wood. This is where the pillows can rest against.
The scrolling detail of these headboard's are
 commonly made of extruded foam, so you can't sand
them, you can't stain them but you can paint them.

I've painted them before,
it is easiest to take it outside and spray them.

If you want to match your other furniture more.
 Rather then using a white or cream color,
Varathane has a spray stain & poly in-one
which I have used. The cabernet color seen below.
 Your dry time would be several days if not a week to
 ensure a good bond and finish. I vote for a cream color for more drama.

A beach mat could be used to make panels for the
 inset sections

 This would mimic the textured feel of the
 inspiration photo below.

Then the matting could be stained a rich dark
 walnut to tie into the other furniture in the room.
Alternatively a fabric could be used here too.

A faux nailhead trim could be glued around the inset
panels to further mimic the existing furniture's metal features.

If anyone has other suggestions plz comment below
 as Angela I'm sure would love to read them.

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*** Interested in finding sources for the few inspiration photos used in this post,
right click the photo and in google image search use the file name listed under properties to search each pic.

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