Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monthly Mosaic April

Another month has passed which means it's time for another mosaic visually summing up all the blog happenings this past month:
I've started a new weekly feature, "Fill in the blanks...", which I'm already enjoying a lot and I've continued making new treasuries with things I currently love on Etsy. 

Perhaps my most favorite thing on this blog is the weekly interview with crafty ladies, this month I interviewed Bonita Rose, Rouge & Whimsy, Kamika Kraftz, and Janmary Designs just this week. They were all Indie Biz classmates and I was honored to feature them and their lovely work on here.

Speaking of Indie Biz, we had a huge Launch Day Celebration this month with loads of new shops, new blogs, new products (like my butterfly) and giveaways. I also hosted a giveaway and the lucky winner was the lovely Dimi from Greece. 

I've started working on some unicorns, but sadly that's been put on hold again. My physical therapist wants to make sure my tennis elbow and De Quervain's are completely healed before I start doing the very thing that injured me so severely. 

So I did some online shopping instead, got myself new business cards, thank you cards and stickers from Moo, and thousands of colorful buttons and a hundred pinback buttons from Etsy.

Wonder what next month will bring?

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