Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ORIGAMI FOR YOUR DRAWERS - drawer lining tutorial

It is very simple to keep your *pattern
 intact* while lining your drawers.


Only 5 cuts and 10 folds you can have this
I'll do this in 2 parts.
Today I'll show you how to cut and fold,
tomorrow I'll show you how I adhere it.
I start with the drawer upside down.
I cut the paper long enough to cover the bottom and sides.
Next fold the sides tight to the drawer sides.
Fold 1 & 2
Turn your drawer over and lay your paper inside.
Decide how far up the front and back you want your paper to go and crease
it. I go farther up the back as you generally don't see the inside of the front.
Fold 3 & 4
Now that you have your edges creased remove the paper from the
 drawer so you can cut the 4 corners.
One straight cut to the crease lines you just made front and back.
You can see here the cuts that make your corners.
Note: The paper is curling showing you a triangle, it is just straight cuts.

Back into the drawer now fold these 4 corner flaps down. 
Fold 5,6,7,8
Push up the 2 side panels.  
Fold the extra paper on the sides over the top edge of your
drawer to make another crease. 
Now complete the fold and press it down. 
Repeat this on the other end.
Folds 9 & 10
There is your *pattern intact* liner. 
Tomorrow I'll show you my unique way of
adhering this non pasted paper. 

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