Thursday, April 14, 2011

VINTAGE CHENILLE - reupholstered french chair

Yesterday I showed you the *BEFORE* of a
little french chair I was working on this week.
If you missed that post you can find it here.

The inspiration for this piece started last month in Florida.
We found a gorgeous little shop in St. Petersburg called

The shop is filled with distressed shabby chic furniture,
linens, pillows, chandeliers, and a lot more eye candy.
The first thing George did once inside was
 approach the shop keepers and jokingly said "I'll
 be back in a couple hours to pick her up"
He then continued chatting and joking with them as usual
while I ran around taking pictures of everything I could.

I just adored these chenille upholstered benches they had.

You can see more photos of the store here at their
 web site, and for you regulars I'll be sharing more
 of the photos I took soon.

First chance I got I did a little something of my own.

It's distressed to give the feel that it is truely an old
 piece then I waxed and polished it till it was shiney smooth.

I edged the seat with bright white trim,

and added a single button to embellish the back.
My instructions for button tufting can be found here.

So what do you think?

More white furniture can be seen here.

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