Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FRENCH WALLPAPER - masion decor wallpaper giveaway

Still quite in shock ....
I'm always looking for new papers for drawer liners
and such with all the furniture revamping I do.
When I saw Amy had a wallpaper giveaway,
the first thing I thought of was her china cabinet
that both George and I adored.

She had also done her laundry room ceiling in a
 faux tin wallpaper from the same lovely ladies at

Sure enough then she sent them a link to her blog to
 show off her projects and they loved what they saw.
She asked if they would like to sponsor a giveaway on her blog~

and the answer was yes!
and that leads us to this point.
now my problem is to pick what I want

Here are just a few of the
beautiful papers I'm looking at. 

Thank you again to:


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