Monday, April 11, 2011

Launch Day - Giveaway

I only ever did two giveaways and both of them were when I still lived in Japan... This Launch Day Celebration is the perfect occasion for a new giveaway! I need to do more giveaways in the future because they're just so much fun.

I'm giving away a completely new kind of product, which I happened to finish developing during the Indie Biz course: my very first pdf pattern

Creating this pattern seemed like a never-ending project, but now that I've finished my first, I'm sure the next will be easier and quicker, and the next, and the next... That's right, I'm planning on creating many more pdf patterns of my awkward creatures, but I'm not sure who's up next, to be turned into a pattern...

Which one of my creatures would you nominate for my next pdf pattern?

Answer that question in the comments and you've entered yourself into my giveaway! The giveaway will run for eleven (of course!) days and I will randomly draw a winner after that!

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